Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy New Year

It's been far too long since I have posted anything here (slaps wrist) and I am going to change that right now.
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a safe New Year. We are sweltering away in the summer heat down here in Australia. For some reason every time the mercury hits 40dC (104F) our beautiful country turns  into one big scary bonfire, and this year is no different, but I still wouldn't live anywhere else.
So here is where I'm at with my writing. Guardian is doing great, I have listed it with kdp exclusive and had 3 free days in the beginning of December, I gave away over 7500 copies and that in turn has drastically increased the sales of Forever which is all good. overall the Amazon giveaway increased my sales by about 600%. It also reached a top of #22 in the Amazon best sellers list and spent all three days in the top 10 for Fantasy and #1 in contemorary Fantasy so I am deeming it a success. I am hoping to release Revenge next month and subject to the editing time frame we are still on schedule for that. I've made a start on A Witch's Tale, which is the working title for Bernard's story and hopefully I'll be able to release it mid year.
I've also been working on some reviews which I'll start posting for you have a sqiz at. there have been some amazing books I've read and I'm dying to share with you all. So stay tuned for some fabulous book recomendations.

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