Friday, 20 January 2012

A quick edit! - Is it possible?

I actually wrote this well before Christmas but then I got caught up in the Debutante Ball and I forgot all about it.
I was still wondering though if there are any writers out there who can actually manage to do a final check of their story without trying to rewrite it at the same time?
I was trying to do a quick final check of Guardian, before I uploaded it for publication in paperback, just looking for spelling and punctuation mistakes and trying to make sure I had all my italics right, it had been edited by a professional but even they miss things. (Chapter 2 of Frostbite by Richelle Mead and "Dimitri examinated the house further" I chuckled just a little.) So even though I really basically just wanted to read it I couldn't help but rewrite as I went. And yes it has already been rewritten at least a dozen times and here I was doing it again, I mean were not talking about a major rewrite here, just small rewrites of ocassional phrases and paragraphs, as I said, nothing major just enough to keep me from the main task at hand. In truth it probably involved changing some of the phrases back to the way they'd previously been written anyway.

I don't think I'm exceptionaly OCD but I couldn't help but think this probably fairly normal for a writer.
Stay posted for a future blog post on weather or not a writer should have their work professionally edited!

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