Thursday, 8 September 2011


Welcome to my official blog page, and my very first post.
I’ve got no idea what I’m really doing here and I’m not really a very organised person so I’m just going to wing it and see where we end up.
I just went to check on my kids before going off to bed last night and as I've gone in to my ten year olds room I noticed a book and a torch sitting on her pillow beside her head. I had to chuckle as I thought to myself "wonder where she gets that from" but it got me thinking about how much influence we inadvertently instil on our children. I mean don't get me wrong, I love that my children have picked up my love of reading. From the time they went into a big bed our night time ritual has included a bedtime story. We go to bed and read together, and it seems to have instilled a love of reading in both of them. I went in with my son the other week and he says. "I've finished my story mum, I'm just reading the blurb." love it. How Many six year olds refer to a books blurb?
But they're the good habits that they're picking up without me having to do anything, what are the bad ones they're picking up also. Am I ruining my kid’s lives with petty prejudices and beliefs without even realizing it? Of course I am, but I'm not racist, not sexist and not even very judgmental so all I can do is hope that the traits my children pick up from me are mostly positive, like the love of reading and writing.
Feel free to post up a comment and add your own thoughts.
Live to write


  1. Yay! First follower and your first post was fine.
    I would like to say that I used to do the same thing, well do the samething but like at a way more older age. I used to read my books with a flashlight until I finally bought my kindle with a lighted cover. My parents still come into my room at 1am and tell me to go to bed because its too late to be up reading. Do I listen? No. but believe me in the morning I wish I had. Im sure you're doing fine raising your children. Not every parent is perfect and if they are picking up stuff that you wouldnt want them to, well lets just hope for the best. (just kidding) In the end they'll realize and know right from wrong and hopefully choose to change their ways.
    It's all right for you to worry, it's what parents do best :)

  2. Thank-you Cathy, your right we do worry far to much. That's why its so nice to be able to lose ourselves in a great fantasy story.

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